It’s all about community… it’s all about neighbourhoods—and, it touches upon issues as they relate to seniors, children, people with disabilities, aboriginal people and new immigrants. United Way Milton is invested in helping the local community to thrive and is dedicated to treating everyone with the care that they deserve. United Way Milton, bringing the community together.

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The Town of Milton has experienced the largest growth in Canada year over year for almost a decade and with that growth comes tremendous changes.


Surprisingly, for a town whose gross family income is one of the highest averages in Canada and who’s streets appear to be new and shiny; the Town’s people have many needs that have been met in recent years by United Way.


Can you imagine that more than 25,000 people have been served by programs and services in the past year alone? That is somewhere between 15-20% of the population that has availed themselves of counselling services, or bereavement support or school time lunches or family groceries. As the Town of Milton continues to grow, we carefully plan our roads, schools, parks and residential communities and every mailbox. It is just as important that we plan ahead for the pending social service gaps the community WILL experience in the future.


This dream for a better future for people in need requires overwhelming participation from the entire community. That is why we are so dedicated to working with the United Way Milton. It takes a community to raise a family, and it is our job to ensure that this community remains strong, vibrant, and successful for the future. After all, together, we are possibility.


Your 2015-2016 Volunteer Campaign Co-Chairs,

Shawn and Bridget Saulnier


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